H-18 high accuracy optical linear scales

Product characteristics “H-18 high accuracy optical linear scales”:

  • manufactured in the EU
  • possibility to connect it to compressed air for better protection against the dust
  • dimensions compactible with the Heidenhain, RSF and FAGOR optical scales
  • possibility to choose the signal output and resolution of the optical scale
  • the price is valid for resolution 0.5 um,1 um,2.5 um and 5 um,TTL output signal
  • length of the cable 3 m,stainless steel armoured,D-SUB connector
  • the cable can be deluvered with fixed connection to the measurement head or with a connector
  • option : aluminium base for the encoder

H-18 linear optical scales

Scale length 70 - 1540 mm
Dimensions 18 x 46 mm
Max.measuring speed 1 m/s
Measuring repeatability +- 1 impuls
IP protection

IP 54 - without compressed air

IP 64 - with compressed air 

Resolution for TTL 5,2.5,1,0.5 and 0.1 um
Output signal 11 uApp, 1 Vpp, TTL , HTL
Operation temperature 0 ~ +50 °C
Permissible vibrations ≤ 150 m/s2