Guided magnetic encoder TMLS-0xG

Guided magnetic encoder TMLS-0xG

Standard length of the cable: 3 m
Catalog number Name Resolution Price without vat
000167 TMLS-01G-02 1 µm € 146,03
000168 TMLS-05G-02 5 µm € 122,00

Product description

  • The rail ensures constant air gap between the magnetic sensor and the magnetic tape.
  • An armoured cable (lenght 3 m) is delivered as standard - protection against metal chips etc. The lenght si facultative according to customer requirements.
  • Advantage of the encoder is its reliability, resistivity to mechanical influences, small dimensions, easy installation and possibility to measure long distances.
  • The encoder is used together with the MT-02 series magnetic tape and the APG-01 series linear rail.

 Optional accessories:

  • pivot joint with M4 female thread for fastening the sensor glider (the pivot joint can be fastened from the upper or lateral side of the sensor glider)