BC-01 digital readout

BC-01 digital readout

Height digits: 14 mm
Catalog number Name Typ Price without vat
000107 BC-01-9V 9V After login This product can't be buy
000101 BC-01-24V 24V After login This product can't be buy
000189 BC-A1 holder holder arm After login This product can't be buy

Product description

  • input frequency 150 kHz
  • suitable for encoders with resolution from 5 microns
  • digital readout for encoders with TTL quadrature output
  • very favourable price

Technical specifications

  • 6 digits LED display + sign
  • selectable direction of measurement
  • absolute / incremental display mode
  • mm / inch units of measurement
  • reset, preset initial measurement value
  • halving function, mirror function
  • selectable resolution of the encoder within the range of 0.005 up to 0.999 mm
  • decimal point position setting
  • possibility to block any key of the digital readout
  • linear error compensation
  • reference point detection
  • in ABS power down memory