TMLS-01A-02-PRECISE magnetic encoder

TMLS-01A-02-PRECISE magnetic encoder

Standard length of the cable: 3 m
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Product description

The PRECISE series high accurate encoders enable to use magnetic encoders in applications where only optical encoders have been used. At the same time all the unique features of the magnetic encoders are maintained: dustproof, waterproof, high resistance against mechanical damage and very small dimensions.

Technical specification

  • magnetic encoders featuring maximum deviation under 5 μm
  •  +/- 6 μm high accurate magnetic tape
  • Maximum air gap between the magnetic tape and the sensor is 1 mm, armoured cable, lenght 3 m, is delivered as standard - protection against metal chips etc.
  • Advantage of the encoder is high accuracy, reliability, resistivity to mechanical influences, very small dimensions and easy installation.
  • The encoder is recommended to use together with the MT-02-008 magnetic tape.